Replicante Norman - Humanos Imperfectos - CD1

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  • Double Carbon CD - Vinyl Look - PERSPEX/BOLT BOX!

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    Here is the third part of the classic spanish electro compilation.

    This year the Double Carbon CD made in EU by MPO is an absolute collector item. The perspex case with steel bolt and the Natural Translucens cover inside is a perfect complement for the vinyl editions.

    This edition includes 31 tracks, more than 160 minutes of the best electro of the planet.

    About the sound. There is a great difference between the the release of the first part of Elektro Domesticos in 1998 and the new one. Strict norms have been established in regards to the way in which audio files are submitted. The reason for this is that a great importance has been given to the record's final sound.

    Thirteen years have passed and, during this time, the technical quality of the producers involved has improved in an exponential manner. The sound is more convincing, more concrete, and Alek has been very meticulous with the mastering, especially in regards to the dynamics of the themes that keep the record’s final volume in the background. This is of absolute importance at a time in which the absurd search for maximum volume has turned into the blight which has ruined nine out ten records in the last 15 years.

    This year Elektro Domesticos 3 is supported by five of the most respected international artists. AS1, Scape One, Mr. Velcro Fastener, Dynamic Bass System and Zerkalo, the new project of Gerald Donald aka Henrich Muller, Dopplereffekt, Lab Rat XXL, etc.

    Double CD Edition, artists in alphabetical order:

    Alek Stark, Annie Hall, Aquatech, AS1, Atöm, Boris Divider, Calagad 13, Dynamik Bass System, DJ Hash, Fastliner, Freeze Rockers, Groof, Mauri, Meka, Micro Controlled Corp, Mr. Haselbain, Mr. Velcro Fastener, N-Fecto, Negocius Man, Proto 70, Replicante Norman, Scape One, Shann-X, Shorai, Synth Alien, The Activist, Uni-Mate, Univac, Vagon Brei, Zerkalo, ZPLSFCK!

    In addition to this CD edition, will be available very soon a digital edition which can be downloaded in mp3 format and in any other loss-less format. This is the only way to listen the complete compilation of 43 tracks.

    For those who want to show the world their musical preferences, Alek Stark has also designed a t-shirt by B&C, 190gr., available in small numbers only, which has been made by using the finest serigraphy and produced up to very high-quality standards.
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